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Defining Future Operating Models Since 2012

Slowhorse has designed and delivered Future Operating Models since 2012.

In a business world of increasing technology debt, reduced resourcing and mounting budgetary constraints, Slowhorse has helped many IT leaders to deliver their technology vision. A vision which guides the organisation from a constrained current state of operation to a future mode that meets and overcomes those issues and constraints. 

Slowhorse offers the big thinking required to visualise the possibilities, to deliver the roadmaps that illuminate the way and facilitate multiple perspectives of the future operating model through different lens.

We have years of experience in successfully addressing these challenges and providing true business value through our 4-stage “Future Operating Model” approach.

Our Process


Central to the successful delivery of your Future Operating Model is a clear understanding of the current baseline.

Our Enquire stage ensures the goals, drivers and timescales of stakeholders are fully understood; that the current operating model has been captured and appraised; that desired business capabilities are documented and mapped to future business services; and that exit from your current contractual obligations has been reviewed and assessed.

We assess your existing collateral to understand the state of your business, application, technology, data and security domains. During the Assess stage we determine the breadth of information available within the application portfolio catalogue; examine existing business, application and technology architecture models; review your business change processes; your governance and your readiness for change. We develop an outline Future Operating Model to envisage how your organisation can be taken on the journey.

The Plan stage finalises the Future Operating Model and outlines the transitions steps needed to get there. Our Plan stage maps business capabilities to business services; defines application services and application components required to realise these services; and specifies technology services and devices that serve and underpin these application services. Plan provides a “Golden Thread” from your future business capabilities through business and application services of the Future Operating Model to the technology elements that deliver them.

Plan works with the constraints and priorities identified in the Assess stage to deliver an outline transition plan which migrates from the current to future operating model. This plan is revisited during the Deliver stage with interim architectures and modes of operation proposed that minimise the organisations delivery and financial risks.

Deliver executes the transition plan, reassessing each transition step for new information before implementing the business and technology changes required to complete the stage. Change is managed through change control and delivery governance. As the client you will receive a fully operational operating model upon completion of each transition step, culminating in the delivery of all desired business capabilities, processes and organisational changes upon full delivery of the Future Operating Model.

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